Sunday, 1st May, 2022


Spaniels Judges:  Duncan Sutherland (B3475)  &  Douglas Stewart (NP)


1st place - Leeglen Bert handled by Julie Orr (103 pts)

2nd place -  Cuddansa Shapinsay handled by Kenny McMillan (101 pts)

3rd place -    Passiflora Incar Nata  handled by Gregor Bell (95 pts)


1st place -  Craiwarn Sarabi handled by - Darren Allison (111 pts) 

2nd place -Skrondale Cassius handled by -  Kenny McMillan ( 106 pts)

3rd place -  Broomfield Zeuss handled by - Andrew Cunningham (100 pts)


1st place -  Broomfield Adam handled by - Eddie Scott (118 pts)

2nd place -  Tweedbrae Dees Youngstar handled by - Jim Wardrope (112 pts)

3rd place - Broomfield Marzipan handled by Eddie Scott  (111 pts)


RETRIEVER  Judges:  Mike Rolland (A2971); Tom Leitch (B2179); Dr J Hay (NP) & A Fairweather (NP).  


1st place -  Linksuiew Roisin  handled by - Joe Hunter (92 pts)

2nd place -  Tullyah Orlagh   handled by - Melva Tyeson (86 pts)

3rd place -  Struddies Armani Code - handled by - Ross Freel (60)


1st place - Cairngryffe Ace handled by - Keith Brown (119 pts)

2nd place - Ardentzeal Alba handled by Drew Allan (117 pts)

3rd place -  Brocklinton Aero handled by Tom Gold (113 pts)


1st place -  Craigmaddie Mufasa of Bishopbrae handled by David Logan (93 pts)

2nd place -  Nulisecundus River Druie - handled by Carol Johnson (93 pts)  

3rd place -  Fintryhills Breeze of Bishopbrae handled by -  David Logan (92 pts)

Well done to David and Carol who after an exciting  run-off, Carol was just pipped at the post.  Great performance from both.     

RETRIEVER Trial (Novice) Results

Thornhill - 8th September 2021 

Drumlanrig Trophy

1st  - Kevin Haynes handling Ragsweeds Cromwell 

2nd - Not awarded

3rd - Not awarded

 The Jimmy Blair Glassware for Best Hunter  was presented to -

Pieter Vivijs handling his young dog Abbotsleigh Niger 

Thank you to all those competitors who took part on this very warm day.  Thanks too to our Judges AB Cooper (A Panel); W Skett  (B Panel);

N Laffy (NP) & I McSeveney (NP)    

(Please check in to the Gallery for photos) 


RETRIEVER Trial (Novice) Results

Dunsyre - 15th October 2021

1st - John W Halsted  handling Brocklebank Skipper 

2nd - Helen Paterson handling Peallaidh Archer 

3rd - Tom Forgie handling Jocksburn Tucker 

Certificate of Merit - J Munro handling Livercroft Big Jake of Morayglen

Judges on the day were Janice Cunningham (A panel); J Dunkley (B Panel); Andy Fairweather (NP) & E Heard (NP)

(Photos taken at this Trial can be found in the Gallery) 


RETRIEVER 2 Day (Open) Trial Results

Dunsyre & Slipperfield - 8th and 9th November 2021

1st - Mike Rolland handling Leacaz Isle of Rum at Cardy (this win has made Leacaz FTCH)

2nd - George Buchan handling Fendawood Pioneer of Springfeel

3rd - Joe Maclure handling Silversnipe Popular

4th - Sandy Robertson handling Craigmaddie Bageera

Certificate of Merit - Robin Drysdale handling Flagsdale Sweep

Judges on the day were D Leitch (A2520); DSA Rees (A2348); J Munro (A1898); G Youngson (B2874)

(Photos taken at this Trial can be found in the Gallery) 


SPANIEL TRIAL (Novice Cocker) Results

Glen Quaich - 7th August 2021

1st  - Roy Ellershaw - Ciallneart Pipers Parade

2nd - John Robertson - Wolferton Ashton

3rd - Dougie Gibson - Swift Amore 

4th - Carrie Smith - Delnamer Black Flash

Certificates of Merit

Martin Smee - Glenlagan Fireball; Fran Ardley - Byrbwll Quinn of Tarncrag; John Sexton - Maesydderwen Neo of Monagea; Stan Payne - Braalcastle Bullfinch; Colin Frame - Stewartfields Arora Rose; R Claydon - Kingcott Gizmo

Judges:  Adrian Slater (A Panel); Peter Holmes (B Panel)   


COCKER SPANIEL (Open) Results 

Ashintully - 18th October 2021

The Stagsden Quaich

Donated by Mr Alec Coutts

(There are no photos available for this Trial)

1st - John Robertson handling Perija September Song

2nd - Fran Ardley handling Rowston Sublime

3rd - Steven Winspeare handling Kiltonbeck Arrow

Certificates of Merit:  Duncan Sutherland handling Happy Hornet; Fran Ardley handling Whaupley Lancaster of Tarncrag

Judges: Lee Cooper (A Panel) & Jaseon Atkinson (B Panel)


SPANIEL  AV (except Cocker)  OPEN Results

Glenquaich - 29th October 2021

The Tamworth Trophy

1st - Simon Dixon handling Dawsonlee Maddy

2nd - Alan Sankey handling Brocklinton Lenny 

3rd - Kim Stewart handling Broomfield Vera at Taykimoor

4th - P Matthews handling Fuslea Ivan

Certificates of Merit

 J Semmens handling Kilhopemoss Skylark;  S Waddell handling Dreelside Molly;  J Wardrope handling Tweedbrae Dees Young Star;  W Smith handling Shallowoak West Success ;  Alan Sankey handling Brocklinton Bertie; E Scott handling Broomfield Sarafina

Judges: John Dickson (A1963) & Jim Adamson (B346)


SPANIEL (Novice) Results

Bowhill  Estate, Selkirk - 29th November 2021

1st - K McMillan handling Sperrinside Daisy of Kingsmeadow

2nd - Graham Clark handling Pittendreich Mia

3rd - Douglas Stewart handling Glenkerse Mist

4th Janice Cunningham handling Spamvalley Carrolla

Certificate of Merit:- C Scott handling Dawsonlee Maverick; Bill Johnstone handling Dreelside Dee

Judges:- Steve Charlton (A 2845 ) & Jim Wardrope (NP3873)

(Sorry there are no photos available for this Trial)




Saturday, 5th June, 2021

(Photos supplied by ARC Photography - please refer to ARC Facebook page for more photos of our day )

  The SWSGA committee wish to extend a big thank you to all entrants of the Puppy, Novice and Open Tests for their contribution to this first competition of  our Association in 2021.  Well done too to the worthy winners and entrants.  Grateful thanks to the Judges and helpers.



  Judges on the Day - Peter Holmes & Drew Barr


  • 1st - Darren Allison - Craiwarn Sarabi  

  • 2nd - Megan Borthwick - Gameswick Galaxy

  • 3rd -  Kenny McMillan - Glenugies Zeus  


  • 1st - Jim Wardrope - Helmsway Hot Babe

  • 2nd - Barry Lamb - Northcalder Mistys Lass 

  • 3rd - Andy Cunningham - Saxonvale Axis


  • 1st - Jim Wardrope - Tweedbrae Dees Young Star

  • 2nd - Jim Wardrope - Helmsway Hot Babe

  • 3rd - Kenny McMillan - Kilhopemoss Sapphire of Kingsmeadow 




Judges on the Day - David Logan, Kevin Haynes, Jim Stevenson & Dale Clark


  • 1st - Allan Downie - Gunnerspeg Basil

  • 2nd - Carol Johnson - Accio Blade Runner

  • 3rd - Keith Brown - Rumo of Roughgrounds


  • 1st - Ian Hollern - Annaldoughan Tyrone of Brackenbird

  • 2nd - Joe MacLure - Silversnipe Popular 

  • 3rd - Ian Hollern - Ellijas Elliott of Brackenbird


  • 1st - Carol Johnson - Nullsecundus River Druie

  • 2nd - Donnie Leitch - FTCh Garshake Dunbar

  • 3rd - Donnie Leitch - Garshake Falcon 

                         Worthy winner of the Retriever Open Test, Carol Johnson with  

                                                 Nullsecundus River Druie 


Linda SWSGA-1-7.jpg

Heading 1

Linda SWSGA-1-2.jpg
Linda SWSGA-1-3.jpg
Linda SWSGA-1.jpg

David, Kevin, Dale and James off to get a bite to eat before starting the Open Retriever Judging in the afternoon.........good luck to the handlers and their dogs.  


IDa'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add yourDavud  own text and edit me. It's easy.

Working in tandem, Lois with her young Retriever, Clockburn Cristiano, on a blind retrieve..........over water and up a hill returning a good 14 points.  This is Cristi's first Open following a winning run in a Novice Test 2 weeks ago.   Well done both.n her h. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.


Peter showing Julie where the blind was placed so that Willow can be directed to the retrieve point.  

A good day for Jim having picked up a 1st in the Open Spaniel handling  Tweedbrae Dees Young Star; 1st in the Novice handling Helmsway Hot Babe who went on to take a 2nd in the Open  

Screaming Peacock - food stall - and some of the staff who were on hand throughout the Test 


A special thanks to the following supporters for their contributions to our TEST day:-


  • Abbey Veterinary Practice

  • Arc Photography

  • BASC

  • Crieff Hydro

  • Dogrobes Ltd

  • Eoghain Photography @anphotography .co.uk

  • Glengoyne Distillery

  • Haynes Vehicle Services Ltd

  • Ingleneuk Crafts

  • Skinners Dog Food 

  • Unthank Fabrications